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Auction Consignments

To sell equipment on AuctionTime.com you must be a dealer and a consistent advertiser in Machinery Trader, Tractor House, or Truck Paper. We are making it possible for you to sell your equipment on AuctionTime.com by consigning your items through our dealership.

How to consign:

Please call and ask for Jay, in most cases we will require your equipment to be delivered to our yard, however for large items that are difficult to transport other arrangements can be made. We create an inspection report, take pictures and a video for your item which then is posted to AuctionTime.com. We recommend listing your equipment at least one month prior to the auction date to ensure ample exposure. Your listing fee is due at the time of consignment. After your listing is posted to AuctionTime.com it cannot be reversed, your item can no longer be sold privately, it must sell on the auction.

Payment Terms:

Our auctions require the bidder to pay in full within three business days after the auction, in most cases we are paid within the three days and you will receive your funds within a week after the auction. In case the winning bidder does not come through with the payment within the three days your funds will be delayed. We do not pay you for an item until we have been paid, furthermore, if the winning bidder rejects the machine and refuses to pay Howie Equipment is not held responsible, the item can then be relisted at no charge or your listing fee be reimbursed.

Consignment Rates:

All items being sold with a starting big of $100 or less will be charged a listing fee of $200 which is due at the time of consignment.

You can start your item with a higher starting bid however if the item is being sold with a starting bid of more than $100, additional listing fees will apply and listing fee is not refundable even if the item does not take any bids.

After your items sells a commission of 5% of the selling price will be deducted from your payment.